Costa Rica Architect designs award winning eco-friendly homes, custom homes and house designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Eco-logical home and house designs by Costa Rica Architect. Bio inspired architecture keeps you cool. Affordable custom home blueprints and environmentally friendly architecture and consultation.

Architects designing from Nature's Point of View

PLEASE NOTE: Michael is not a real nor licensed architect. In Costa Rica, you can say you are an architect because there is no enforcement. You still need to hire and pay full rate for an architect and engineer. If you are willing to accept this, please contact. Most people are not told this until too late so I have decided to include this here. I am his wife and have to deal with the law suits and fall out to his non disclosure of these facts. PLEASE use caution when hiring. Minimum fee for architectural consultation is $1500 for residential consultation, site, floor plans. Multiple buildings, resorts and eco lodges require a $2,000 consult fee which includes a site visit, conceptual variations and floor plan ideas to launch your project in the direction of your passion. Many of my clients with lodge ideas or home designs get a full set of custom home blueprints for as little as $2000 to $3000, including a site visit in some cases. Contact Me for more info.

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Non Architectural artist services include conceptual plans that lead to final blueprints. All my floor plans, foundations, elevations, kitchen and bath details, roof structure, plumbing and electric schematics include notes and details for permits and not a passive detail missed. I keep you apprised each day as I work. You’ll see your project unfold in emails as we work together. PLEASE note; you still need to hire a real architect and engineer so design costs are extra costs. You may consider just hiring a true licensed architect. But if you are OK with these extra expenses, feel free to contact

If you think you are going to be building soon, keep nature in mind as you go along. If you are interested in consulting with me, Contact me on line and I’ll send you my lifestyle and project questionnaire.

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