Costa Rica Architect designs award winning eco-friendly homes, custom homes and house designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Eco-logical home and house designs by Costa Rica Architect. Bio inspired architecture keeps you cool. Affordable custom home blueprints and environmentally friendly architecture and consultation.

On Line Architect, Consultant, Designer and Engineering.

If allowed, the introduction of sacred geometry into healthcare and medical equipment will revolutionize home health care. Over the next millennium our architecture, health care and transportation will function harmoniously and without the use of fossil fuels, plastic tubing or electric cables. Start now by converting hypodermic needles, dialysis tubing and hospital air duct systems to mimic natural water ways and air passages.

As one of Central Americas sustainable architects, educators, designer and illustrators, I consult with property, hotel owners and design teams working to improve performance in both architecture, water, air transportation and energy systems.

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Similarly to the structured air and water found in a wave or hurricane, my architecture and designs simulate a golf ball in flight with each dimple working harmoniously together to resist drag and control direction. Each dimple plays a part to reflect and harness drag centrifugally, thus controlling the direction of trajectory or, like me, you end up in the sand trap. A tornado and ripe tide current, frisbee and boomerang also demonstrate the same principals, structuring the memory of the air with their forms to capture and harness drag for extended lift.

These foundational geometric components and dimensions can be put into your new or existing home designs. In the case of architects and architecture in Costa Rica, your custom home, hotel, lodge or architecture should use Yin-convex shapes to harness cool temperatures and Yang-concave shapes and textures to deflect hot temperatures.

Accomplishing this requires utilizing opposing Yin and Yang shapes and textures from nature that respond to air and waters governing Coriolis effect.

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