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Connect your project, house or home design with architecture and bio engineering of designer, and architect Michael Cranford. So what is the driving force of our tiny heartbeats? These questions and more lead to new observations and applications in bio engineering for advanced air, water, transportation and distribution systems. Biomimicry applies to ALL house design projects, blueprints, architecture, most industries and all walks of life. Basically, Biomimicry is the art of disguise, which requires us to replace our square, smooth, flat and cylindrical shapes and sharp edges with the free-flowing forms, curves, textures and colors from nature.

Harnessing drag into usable, reliable and sustainable energy requires us to structure air and water into Toroidal flow and mimic natures intelligent design. Main stream science is just beginning to see the importance of biomimicry, now classifying and categorizing all living things according to function, a task our great great grandchildren will still be working on long after we are gone.

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On the cutting edge of architecture in Costa Rica and Biomimicry, many of my designs are 20 years ahead of their time. Above are a few photos of my favorite projects which include a Nikola Tesla inspired swimming pool that mimics the flow a natural waterway to reserve and restructure the water according to Coriolis effect. It might be the only swimming pool in the world that harnesses cool temperatures from cold spring water and creates passive air conditioning for the house.

Take a closer look at the vortice water turbine generator and my underground thermal cooling ‘Coozy’, which stores precious rain water in an underground tank and draws cool air from water and rocks black rocks in order to provide air conditioning for the master bedroom and kitchen.

Fred Flintstone approved batteries, this geo thermal energy system only requires 2 meters of depth and a handful of rocks to create air conditioning. Recently my Archimedes brush was patented along with a solar panel backing designed to cool the panel.

Here are a few more pictures of passive energy devices and bio engineered architecture with fun innovations and built in kinetic features.

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